I just wanted to let you know how happy I feel to have entrusted my two children to kids Korner 2 years ago. Karina and Miguel really enjoy being there. I visit once or twice a day and find the kids very well groomed, there bed linen has always been nice clean as well as there room. The respiratory team has done an amazing job with keeping up with her trachea, and breathing treatments and educating me on any questions I have about her. Cna´s do a great job in caring for the kids and keeping them nice and neat. I also notice how Miguel and Karina really enjoy going to rec and chilling with his friend doing there activities. I wanted to thank the cleaning crew for keeping the floors, bathroom etc nice and fresh, as well as the kids laundry. Last thanks to the wonderful nurses who keep me up to date with any changes made by dr.s during there visits. Last the maintenance crew did a beautiful job in installing there tv and painting of the kids room. Thank you kids Korner, I wouldn´t want the kids anywhere else. You all are the best!! Keep up your outstanding job.

Haylee D.

I will like to take this moment to recognize the nurses and the respiratory therapist that Gabriella have. I'm really happy and thankful with the treatment they give her. In special I will like to mention Martha who is wonderful and explain every detail of Gabriella when I call , Mercedes is very worry for her safety and very sweet to her , Jessica also very informative and sweet. In general I will like to thank all of you for the extraordinary job and dedication. Thank you for making Gabriella improvement faster and now I see her going home sooner than expected .... I will to this massage be public to all the nurses , respiratory therapies , PT , OT . Gabriella is better because of you dedicated job to make her due more and more every day and daily love.