specialized education and on-site teachers Through the collaborative efforts of The Kidz Korner, The Florida Department of Education and The Broward County School System, our children receive the highest level of education to meet their developmental potential. Each child is provided with either, a specially trained nurse whom accompanies the child to the nearby public school or the child is provided with a professional teacher along with a positive learning environment within The Kidz Korner. Here they work towards completion of specific and school board approved curriculum.

Specialized Education and On-Site Teachers

Both, the on-site and the public school system provide a specialized educational program that promotes the acquisition of new skills that can facilitate the child´s re-entry into the home and community. Using an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to education, the team along with the education professionals and the family/guardian, develop realistic, individualized goals for each student. Teachers, rehabilitation therapists and other medical professionals work with the family or guardian to establish short and long-term objectives to maximize the student´s educational, emotional, rehabilitative and physical development.

Education Program

Our on-site teachers from Broward County School System Homebound and Hospital Program: