skilled nursing staff, pediatric careThe staff at The Kidz Korner understands the importance of caring for the medical, developmental, emotional, spiritual, educational and social well-being of a child. Critical for all children, but especially important for Premature Infants and Newborns, is a quiet setting with ample time for mother & child bonding. Preemies especially benefit from Kangaroo Care, Breast Feeding or rocking chair and private snuggle time with family. Interwoven in the fabric of The Kidz Korner´s holistic philosophy is an interdisciplinary care team approach. Highly skilled professionals meet regularly with all children and their families to discuss the progress as well as short and long-term goals of each child.

Children requiring specialized 24 hour medical and respiratory care have a number of distinctive needs, such as growth and development issues. Additionally, acute attention and monitoring is essential in sustaining the often narrow margin of safety when considering patient size and weight relative to pulmonary management, medication and nutrition. Appropriate educational services must also be tailored to a non-traditional setting and the specific needs of each child and family.

Specialized Care

The level of training and range of services provided by The Kidz Korner, associated with large hospital environments, is rarely found in the staffing of pediatric care settings. Here is why The Kidz Korner is a specialized healthcare facility:

  • State-of-the-art respiratory services, including mechanical ventilation and BiPap/CPap as well as invasive/non-invasive ventilation and progressive weaning
  • Home of the only dedicated Pediatric Vent Weaning Program in Florida
  • Team of three Pediatric Critical Care Intensivists
  • 24 hour Professional Pediatric Specialty Nurses and Respiratory Care Practitioners
  • 24 hour Nursing and Respiratory Therapist to Child Staffing Ratios well above state requirements
  • Centralized Phillips Monitoring System and Novaerus Infection Control Utilization
  • Transition-To-Home, Parent/Caregiver Training & Support, Extended Stay and Long-Term Care
  • Customized Short Respite Stay options available
  • Parental Support and Child Counseling by Doctorate Level Therapist
  • Pediatric Social Work and Child Life Specialist
  • Doctorate and Masters Level Physical, Occupational and Speech/Dysphasia Therapists´
  • Multi Sensory Room
  • Masters Level Therapeutic Recreational Professional and Activities Team
  • On Campus School Program as well as public school attendance as appropriate
  • Registered Pediatric Dietician, Lab and X-Ray Services
  • Psychological, Dental, Podiatry, Orthopedic and other Physician Services